Smartwatch and security camera are the latest safe and secure technologies

The community is no stranger to the presence of the latest technology such as smartwatch. Smartwatch is a watch that can be connected to the internet and other technologies such as smartpones and tablets, for example to get accurate information even though the smartphone is in a long distance using only bluetooth, it will be connected to a smartwatch. Android features can also enter into a smartwatch making it easier for users to move because they only have to use it like a watch. This Smatrwatch can also prevent users from committing crimes such as smartphone mugging.

Simple and small smartwatch technology is no different from a security camera whose function is to secure a place and be safe from crime. Likewise smartwatch which features like Android and has a camera. It’s just that the functions of the smartwatch and security camera are different. Smartwatch works for,

Detect heart rate

When you use a smartwatch, it can detect the pulse of your device, but unfortunately it cannot be used as a reference for 100 percent.

Receive messages and calls

If your smartphone is far or left behind and you have activated Bluetooth with a smartwatch. Then when the message comes in you can read it through a smartwatch and receive calls through it.


If you want to drive for example a bicycle or car. You do not have to bother having to open a smartphone that is larger than a smartwatch.

Listen to songs

All you have to do is activate Bluetooth from your smartphone to a smartwatch and play music so you can relax listening to the song casually.


Does not only function as a watch. Smartwatch is also equipped with a schedule reminder alarm that has been set. So it’s easier for users to set schedules and remember them.


If somewhere you find a news that you have to photograph and the phone is far away. Then it can be via smartwtach even though the quality is much different. But this accelerates.

Reading news

Because it is equipped with features like Android, there is also a Google application that makes it easy for you to read news easily and quickly.

From the above explanation about the function of the smartwatch is indeed very different from smartphones and other technologies because it is more practical. Well … while the function of the security camera is


With the security camera, it will make it easier to investigate the crime that occurred somewhere

Performance improvement

In every office, a security camera is usually installed to monitor the work of employees.

Well actually there are many more functions contained in the two latest technologies. So, start using both to improve security and feel the various benefits.